Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There is a first time for everything.  Right now for example is the very first time I have ever posted a blog on blogspot or blogger or whatever website I'm on right this second.  I could say it's my first time ever posting anything anywhere but that would be a lie and you would probably know it too.  Of course there's a myspace account out there that hasn't been looked at in over a month and a facebook account that is all about quick comments and joshing with friends.  I thought maybe I would put some of my thoughts out here on the interwebs for you too take a look at.  I was actually thinking about doing this quite awhile ago but it became one of things that sort of get left by the wayside for me.  Then one day, out of the blue like, my sister (a poly sci major) says to me, "Hey Big Brother (I'm paraphrasing) I want to talk about what the hell is going on in the country right now what with this, that, and the next thing... How do I do that? "
So there I am driving down the road in my little blue car, I've never done blogging before, but I know a couple sites, I plumb the depths of the internet and laugh at peoples misfortune, I climb the heights of the viral video mountains, I... I waste a lot of time surfing random shit and following links here and there so I say something along the lines of "uh.... try blogspot.com or google it..." 
Anyways, big long conversation follows and it was at least a week ago now so I'm not going to try to recall it all now.  Long story short, we hang up and I have no idea if she's gone ahead and started blogging about anything by now but earlier today I clicked a link on someone elses website ( a "friend" on facebook ) who has a blog right here on this same url ( I would tell you who it belonged to but I'm not really sure on the protocall just yet so lets give it time ) and I decided then and there that today was the day that I would start up my own little corner of the interverse and tell you all about me... or about what I'm thinking... or what I think you might expect me to be thinking... or maybe just post quotes by other people.  Who knows?  The point I'm trying to make here ( in this paragraph anyways ) is that it's my corner and I'll use it however I want to... until someone makes me stop or I get bored with it... or my computer dies and I can't access the web at all... or something else that I can't think of right now. 
So?  Here I am.  Asking myself, am I going to rant and rave about the state of the world today, try to motvate people to go out and change the world?  Would I prefer to just use this site as a forum to express my hidden inner emo and cry out to the masses to see the pain that I so clearly post on the internet for everyone to see?  Or should I maybe try to be funny and say things to make people laugh... throwing real beliefs to the side and going for the joke at all costs? 
How can I answer that just now it's my very first post and I just wanted to put something out there for people to see (or not since I have no way of knowing whether anyone will find this and comment on it or bother reading it all) and go on from there. 
I have no set way yet of signing off of here so I will now stun you by ending my first blog with a sentance ending in a preposition. 

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