Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Today, after doing a reem of paperwork at my new job, in order to begin work at my new job, I bought a ticket (yeah that's right A - single ticket) to Clash of the Titans *IN 3D*.  Yay!!  As a kid, I was always a big fan of the original Clash (and actually a lot of the other similarly corney fantasy adventure movies of that bygone day and age) so naturally, I was super psyched to see the new one!  I asked myself... What will they be able to pull off with todays (super duper awesome extremo) special effects?  Lots!  I told myself, lots of real cool stuff!   Then, I found out I could see it in 3D!  How could I not go see this remake of one of THE most AWESOME adventure movies of my childhood in 3D?  Can you answer that?  I sure couldn't... and then I saw the movie.
Allow me to just sort of take you aside for a moment and tell you a couple things. 
1. I think making movies in 3D is cool.  There you go, I said it.  3D is neato.  I'm 32 and pictures jumping off the silver screen and into my face just plain does it for me.  So, that said...
2. No matter how cool the idea 3D is to me, not every single movie has to be made in 3D!  In fact, let me just go ahead and tell any of you film makers out there thinking about remaking Beaches or whatever, don't... please for the love of god, DO NOT, make it in 3D.  At an extra 3 to 5 dollars a pop per movie, the movie should be made to astound you.  Just really make you lean back into your seat... HARD to get away from that stuff coming straight at you.  It should really blow you away!
3. I don't know why it is, but so far, the cartoon movies in 3D that I've seen have been way, way better than the live action movies that I've seen so far (probably because they were designed from beginning to end to be viewed that way.  But, that leads me to 4  which is..
4.  Clash of the Titans was NOT made to be seen in 3D.  Wish I had known... I know now... very disappointing to learn after the extra money got paid and the movie watched.
Having said all of that, I think it's necessary to say that if the purpose was to pay homage to the original film, todays film makers gave them a tip of the hat in some places, flipped the bird in other places, and all in all really did the original justice.  Right down to the (I feel) stupid shiney god armor that the olympians were all wearing in both films.  Anyways, I enjoyed the movie... I thought it was over and under acted the special effects were both awesome and corney ( I mean the sword Perseus gets from Zeus is a light saber... can any one say lawsuite?  Lucasfilm?  Anyone anyone? ) but then the original was awesome and corney.  The Climax of the movie really blew me away and I'm not throwing out any teasers because 1 no one reads my blog anyways and 2 I'm getting tired of typing right now.
If there's one thing I would like any aimless wanderer on the web stumbling upon my ramblings, see the movie... just don't spring for 3D...

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